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BF Suma Product and Prostate Health

Is Prostate’s topic strictly for men? Yes, ONLY men have prostate but the healthcare enlightenment is for everyone.

There is no woman who does not know a man over 35 years; father, uncle, brother, son, friend, neighbor, colleague, etc.

Essentially this article is about health promotion. Responsible health promotion must provide three things:

  1. Information.
  2. Re–assurance
  3. A plan of action.

Background on Prostate Health

Everyone has a pair of kidneys. The job of the kidney is to remove waste. It is the WASTE MANAGEMENT COMPANY of your body.

Every day your blood passes through the kidney several times to be filtered. As the blood is filtered, urine is formed and stored in a temporary storage tank called the urinary bladder.

If there were to be no urinary bladder, as a man walks on the road, urine will be dropping.

Now think of the plumbing work in your house. Think of the urinary bladder as the overhead storage tank.

From the storage tank, a good plumber will run pipes to other parts of the house, including the kitchen.

God in His wisdom ran pipes from our urinary bladder to the tip of the penis. The pipe is called the urethra. Just below the bladder and surrounding the urethra is a little organ called the prostate gland?

The prostate gland is the size of a walnut and weighs about 20 grams. Its job is to make the seminal fluid that is stored in the seminal vesicle.

During sexual intercourse, seminal fluid comes down the urethra and mixes with sperm produced in the testicles to form semen. So semen technically is sperm + seminal fluid. The seminal fluid lubricates the sperm.

After age 35, for reasons that may be hormonal, the prostate gland begins to enlarge. A few case begins at 28. From 20 grams it may grow to almost 100 grams.

As it enlarges, it squeezes the urethra and the man begins to notice changes in the way he urinates.

Young boys about 10 years, like all we did, can target the ceiling while urinating and the jet will hit the target. Call their fathers to do the same, shock on you.

Their urine stream is weak, cannot travel a long distance, and sometimes may come straight down on their legs forcing them to stand in an awkward position to urinate.

Not many men will be worried their urine stream cannot hit the ceiling. Toilets are on the floor and not on the ceiling, right. But other symptoms begin to show.

Signs of Prostate Health Issues

Terminal Drippling:

The man begins to notice that after urinating and repacking, urine still drops on his pants. This is the reason why after an older man urinates, he has to ring the bell.

A younger man simply delivers to the last drop and walks away. Just see an older man coming from the bathroom.

Sometimes he may clutch the newspaper closely to hide the urine stains, particularly on plain colored trousers.


At this point, you wait longer for the urine flow to start. There are 2 valves that must open for you to urinate-the internal and external sphincters. Both open but because of obstructions in the urethra, you wait longer for the flow to start.

Incomplete Emptying:

You have this feeling immediately after urinating that there is still something left.

As all these things happen, the bladder begins to work harder to compensate for the obstruction in the urethra. The frequency of urination goes up.

Urgency sets in. Nocturia also becomes common. You wake up more than 2 times at night to urinate. Your wife begins to complain.

Men being men may not talk to anyone even at this point. Then more serious complications start.

Stored urine gets infected and there may be a burning sensation when urinating.

Stored urine forms crystals. Crystals come together to form stones either in the bladder or in the kidney. Stones may block the urethra.

Chronic urinary retention sets in. The bladder stores more and more urine. The capacity size of the bladder is 40-60cl. A bottle of coke is 50cl.

As the bladder stores more urine, it can enlarge up to 300cl. An overfilled bladder may leak and this leads to wetting/urinary incontinence. Also, the volume may put pressure on the kidney and may lead to kidney damage.

What may likely take the man to hospital is acute urinary retention. He wakes up one day and he is not able to pass urine.

Everything described above is associated with prostate enlargement, technically called benign prostate hyperplasia.

There are other diseases of the prostate like:

  1. Prostatitis-inflammation of the prostate
  2. Prostate cancer-cancer of the prostate.

Lifestyle changes that can help men maintain optimum prostate health

Here, we discuss prostate enlargement. There is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that every man will have prostate enlargement if he lives long enough. The good news is that there are lifestyle changes that can help men maintain optimum prostate health.


Look at what you eat. 33% of all cancers is related to what we eat. Red meat every day triples your chances of prostate disease.

Milk every day doubles your risk. Not taking fruits/vegetables daily quadruples your risk. Tomatoes are very good for men.

If that is the only thing your wife can present in the evening, eat with joy. It has loads of Lycopene which is the most potent natural antioxidant. Foods rich in zinc are also good for men e.g. pumpkin seeds.

Zinc is the most essential element for male sexuality and fertility. Men need more zinc than women. Every time a man ejaculates, he loses 15mg of zinc. Zinc is also important for alcohol metabolism. Your liver needs zinc to metabolize alcohol.

Alcohol Consumption.

As men begin to have urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement, it is important they look at alcohol consumption. More fluid in means more fluid out.  Drink less. Drink slowly.


Exercise helps build muscle tone. Every man should exercise. Men over 35 should avoid high-impact exercise like jogging. It puts pressure on the knees. Cycling is bad news for the prostate. We recommend brisk walking.


When we sit, two-third of our weight rests on the pelvic bones. Men who sit longer are more prone to prostate symptoms. Do not sit for long hours. Walk around as often as you can. Sit on comfortable chairs. We recommend a divided saddle chair if you must sit for long hours.


Men should avoid tight underwear. It impacts circulation around the groin and heats it up a bit. While the physiological temperature is 37 degrees, the groin has an optimal temperature of about 33 degrees. Pant is a no-no for older men. Wear boxers. Also, wear breathable clothing.


Avoid smoking. It affects blood vessels and impacts circulation around the groin.


Regular sex is good for the prostate. Celibates are more prone to prostate illness. While celibacy is a moral decision, it is not a biological adaptation. Your prostate gland is designed to empty its contents regularly.

 Natural BF Suma Health Products

I recommend the following health products for a healthy prostate and men’s health in general.

1. BF Suma Zaminocal Plus

Zaminocal Plus contains Zinc and Selenium which are very important minerals for men’s reproductive health.

Zinc enables the male body to produce testosterone. Because of this, your levels of zinc may cause erectile dysfunction, lack of stamina, and infertility in men.

Selenium helps maintain prostate health. During ejaculation, men lose Zinc and Selenium and hence the need to replace them.

Zaminocal Plus also contains Calcium and Magnesium which are good for bone and muscle health respectively.

2. BF Suma Prostatrelax

YOU WANNA HAVE A HEALTHY PROSTATE? The Solution is Prostatrelax. 

BF Suma NMN Supplements

BF Suma Prostatrelax Health Benefits

  •  It prevents enlargement of the prostate gland and treats any inflammation.
  • Alleviate abnormal urge, inability to urinate, or dribbling of urine.
  • Good for male impotence and sexual dysfunction. Also enables a strong and harder erection.
  • It kills bacteria thus preventing urinary tract infections.
  • It blocks some effects of testosterone thus reducing hair loss in men.
  • It alleviates pain or stiffness in the lower back, hip, or upper thighs.


3. X-Power Man Capsules

X Power Man Capsules is the perfect formula for men who wish to assert their prowess. It contains five main Active Ingredients – maca, epimedium, black ginger, L-arginine, and Taurine.
Epidemium is a natural organic aphrodisiac (stimulating desire) herb that is used as a performance enhancer.

Maca is widely used to energize the body increase the production of testosterone and boost drive. Black ginger helps in muscular metabolism and endurance.

L-arginine is the raw material for sperm synthesis and Taurine boost energy and relieves fatigue.

BF Suma Supplements Products (3)

Health Benefits of X-Power Man Capsules:

  • Enhances and improves desires
  • Builds stamina by improving blood flow to the organ; stimulating arousal, for that ultimate athletic performance
  • Promotes the transformation of blood sugar into energy; for further stellar performance
  • Increases sperm count, semen volume, and sperm motility
  • Prevents male impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • Relieves fatigue and exhaustion
  • Improves masculine power and strength.

4. X-Power Man Coffee.

X Power Man Coffee is formulated with Maca, Tongkat–Ali, Epimedium, and American Ginseng which are great supplements for men.

Health Benefits of  X Power Man Coffee :

  •  Improve sexual performance
  •  Promotes testosterone secretion.
  •  Nourishes Kidney on Serum
  •  Enhances libido
  •  Relieves fatigue and stress
  •  Promotes erection
  •  Stimulates muscles to relax
  •  Sustains erection by allowing blood flow to the tissue (penis)

BF Suma X Power Coffee For Men ProductsXpower-man Coffee

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