BF Suma MicrO2 Cycle Tablets Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

What are BF Suma MicrO2 Cycle Tablets?

BF Suma MicrO2 Cycle Tablets are supplements that provide excellent support in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Radix Salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix panax notoginseng, and Borneolum are combined in the pill to make it more efficient in lowering cholesterol levels in your body!

The product is Engineered for health and designed for performance!

Radix Salvia miltiorrhiza, popularly known as Danshen, has been used therapeutically to treat cardiovascular conditions for over 2000 years.

Trilinolein, extracted from the traditional Chinese herb Sanchi (Panax notoginseng), has been demonstrated to reduce thrombogenicity, erythrocyte deformability, and arrhythmias.

Borneolum Syntheticum can aid to alleviate angina pectoris.

The Health Advantages of MicrO2 Cycle Tablets

  1. Inhibit the formation of blood clots and the blockage of blood arteries.
  2. Increase blood circulation.
  3. Improve oxygen and nutrition delivery
  4. Beneficial for eliminating blood clots
  5. Enhances blood flow across the tiny vascular network
  6. Anti-oxidants, free radical removal, and cardio-muscular protection
  7. Aids in the normalization of cholesterol and triglycerides
  8. It keeps arteries from becoming clogged and narrowed.
  9. Arteriosclerosis prevention
  10. Edema is relieved (retention of water in the body)
  11. Reduces the viscosity of whole blood and plasma
  12. Thrombosis is minimized.
  13. Reduces platelet aggregation in the blood
  14. It dilates the coronary arteries.
  15. Excellent for lowering high blood pressure.
  16. Excellent for a stroke-related problem.
  17. Prevents numbness caused by a blood clot.
  18. Defends against heart attack
  19. It is possible that it will improve the function of the kidneys, lungs, and liver.


Why is BF Suma MicrO2 used?

  • Maintain healthy heart function.
  • Increase blood circulation and keep heart muscle oxygenated.
  • Cholesterol balance and blood clotting prevention
  • Relieving discomfort, particularly the oppressive sensation in the chest


Pregnant and breast-feeding moms, as well as those using aspirin-containing medicines, should avoid using this product.


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