Why BF Suma Supplements? 7 Key Reasons to Choose BF Suma Supplements

What is a Supplement?

A supplement is something that is added to something else to improve, complete or enhance it. In this case a supplement is added to improve, complete and enhance the nutrients we extract from the food we take.

Why do we need to supplement?

To bridge or fill nutritional gaps which are as a result of;

a) Poor eating habits

b) Nutrient absorption decline due to age which leads to poor metabolism.

To prevent expensive health issues.

Environmental factors;

a) Soil depletion reduces the nutrient content of crops

b) Hybrid crops provides lower nutrient food.

c) Pesticides and herbicides damage soil micro-organisms hence crop nutrition.

d) Long distance transportation of many foods diminishes their nutritional value.

e) Food processing and additives

f) Modern fertilizers don’t provide enough trace elements.

Human Related Causes

a) Weak digestion.

b) Stressful living which depletes calcium, magnesium and zinc and reduces digestive strength.

c) Pregnancy and childbearing which depletes mineral content.

d) Unhealthy lifestyle habits like alcoholism and smoking

e) Intake of caffeinated coffee which reduces iron absorption.


a) Aspirin-Increases need for Vitamin C

b) Paracetamol-Increase the need for antioxidant

c) Antibiotic-Increase the need for Vitamin C, E and Selenium

d) Hormone replacement therapy and Family planning-Increase the need for Vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and Zinc.

Why BF Suma Supplements?

  1. Trust.

BF Suma is a trusted Manufucturer and Distributed of licensed and certified products. All its products have FDA Approval and cGMP licenses. BF suma has also patented its products meaning you can’t get generic version of the same in the market.

  1. Intergrity

With over 10 years operations in African market, BF Suma supplement have stood the test of time as products with intergrity being able to deliver on it’s promises.

The products are categorized per functions and usage and it delivers as per the given benefits indication.

  1. Transparency

The company has a network of branches in all its countries of operation. For example in Kenya we have branches and outlets in all major towns and cities.

The products are also well packaged with indications on active ingredients, usage benefits and prescription.

  1. Dynamism

The Company is constantly researching on what is affecting the people across the world and coming up with new products over time. It is also improving on existing products to add value and respond to the current needs.

  1. Professionalism

We deliver our services and products in the most professional way possible. Visit our outlets and you will get the best professional support services you require.

  1. Quality

The Company is committed to offering Quality products and services and this has seen many people in the society embrace BF Suma products with loyalty based on its top notch quality and efficacy.

  1. Sincere Services

The entire fraternity of BF Suma is out to Offer Exemplary services to all its customer base and distributorship for the mutual benefit of all in terms of improving the well-being of people which is the Core Mission of BF Suma.

Feel free to contact us for help and recommendation.

Call/WhatsApp: +254 724 345058


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